Celebrate the New Year with Style and Elegance: Create Lasting Memories!

The New Year is a special time to enjoy with the people we love. We know that the table is the center of any celebration, especially when surrounded by family and friends. Therefore, we want to offer you tips and ideas to welcome the new year with style and joy.

Every detail has meaning!

Every detail on the table tells a story, reflects the host's personality, and creates an inviting environment. At Tidelli, we believe that the table is a space to express your creativity and the desire to welcome guests warmly.

And if you want to go beyond beauty and functionality, why not incorporate your wishes for the new year? Health, peace, prosperity... A charming idea is to write these words on leaves and distribute them around the table. Here, we used leaves fallen from our garden to bring color and personality. This suggestion can also be used to mark guests' places, adding a personal and meaningful touch to the decoration.

Use colors and elements that bring hope

When it comes to setting the table for the turn of the year, the selection of colors and elements is essential to create the right atmosphere. Green, for example, is an excellent choice, representing hope and renewal. At Tidelli, you will find a range of accessories in tones that convey freshness and vivacity, perfect for this occasion.

Including natural elements like flowers and fruits not only beautifies the table but also adds a special touch of nature and joy. In this context, we suggest decorating with pomegranates, a fruit traditionally associated with prosperity. Additionally, considering the rich symbolism of the coconut, which in many cultures is seen as a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and eternal life, incorporating it into the decoration can bring an even deeper meaning of renewal and purification. Together, these elements create a vibrant and meaningful table to welcome the New Year.

Create Charming Lounges for the New Year

It is essential to create comfortable and welcoming spaces, such as lounges, where guests can relax and socialize, after all, New Year's Eve parties tend to be long. This New Year, think beyond the table and consider the atmosphere of the entire environment. Small details in these spaces, such as flower arrangements, lit candles, festive fruits, and leaves with New Year wishes, can capture the spirit of the celebration.

Tidelli offers a variety of furniture and accessories. From decorative pillows to unique furniture pieces, each item is designed with the goal of bringing beauty and comfort. Explore our collection and find everything you need to create the perfect lounge to welcome the new year.


May this new year be full of celebrations and good moments!


We would like to express our gratitude to the talented artist Paula Sousa for her collaboration in the photos of the decorated tables, providing her beautiful ceramics and plates that added a touch of art and elegance to our compositions.

Ceramics: Paula Souza
Photos: Everton Barros