Casacor SC 2021 - Cosmopolita - Ana Trevisan

Cosmopolita, Rooftop 20|21 presents modern art, Tidelli's furniture and light outdoor living at Casacor SC

Wrapped in a cosmopolitan and contemporary atmosphere – and inspired by the tops of buildings in large urban centers – Rooftop 20 | 21, designed by Ana Trevisan Architecture + Landscaping, for CasaCor SC, highlights the lightness of outdoor spaces as a lifestyle.The name is a direct reference to the years that transformed the life of humanity, which connected people to their homes, to nature and outdoor living.

Designed to be multi-purpose, the Rooftop 20 | 21 is a place for socializing, contemplating the landscape and coziness. Formed by two terraces, the area of ​​400 m² (620 001,2 in²) was completely decorated with Tidelli. “We chose it because it is a reference in the outdoor furniture market”, highlights Ana Trevisan. The architect opted for furniture created by renowned designers for the brand, from iconic pieces, such as the Pendulo swing by Ruy Ohtake, to the recently launched Veracruz folding screens by Sami Hayek.

Combining design in form and function, the furniture invites visitors to enjoy the space as they wish. For this purpose, Painho lounge chairs, by Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, Sugarloaf lounge chairs, by Manuel Bandeira, Fusion coffee tables and bench, by Maria Cândida Machado, in addition to Flex module, IOS concrete stools, Bora Bora benches, Bali chairs and table and Marina lounge chairs and garden seat were placed throughout the space. “The idea was to use pieces of different structures and materials: nautical rope, wood and concrete to create cozy and modern lounges”, she explains.

One of the highlights of Rooftop 20 | 21 is the "Cocoon". Composed of Painho chairs and Bora Bora dining table, it was specially designed for those who wish to experience a gastronomic experience during the Exhibition.

Landscaping also appears in evidence in the project, with vegetation distributed according to function: protection, shade and ambiance. Varied tones, textures and flowers create a tropical ambience. The tones present in the plants and surroundings extend to the furniture, which presents shades of green, orange, beige and gray, giving sophistication to the terraces. Urban art painted by the visual artists Cazão, is present through a large and photogenic mural, which invades the space in a contemporary way.

To complete the experience, a telescope was strategically placed for visitors to fully observe the beauty of the slopes and the bay of Santo Antônio. On the soundtrack, various playlists created by guest DJ's promise to pack the good times of those who pass by.

Project: Ana Trevisan - Architecture + Landscaping
Photography: Mariana Boro