Casa da Mata | Project by Milcent Arquitetura

Located in the Piscinas Naturais Condominium, in Praia do Forte, Bahia, what could be a hindrance turned out to be the differential of the Casa da Mata project: a land with special characteristics and next to an environmental preservation area.

Architects Fernanda Milcent and Bruna Milcent, from Milcent Arquitetura, say that, since the Atlantic Forest is in the west, it was necessary to build the residence in modules. In this way, the garden was in the center, connecting the house, the deck and the organic swimming pool, which was developed in a boomerang format.

At Casa da Mata, the outdoor area features distinct leisure spaces, but which integrate harmoniously: Giardino pool chaises, Moorea Modules for good conversations, Sedona daybeds for contemplating nature, as well as Tidelli lanterns, Fusion stools, Wave side table and Spool and Marina coffee tables to extend the space's functionality.

With the beach 200 meters away, the professionals chose not to use walls, which gave a laid-back style to the project. "We wanted to take full advantage of the Forest and its native vegetation in coastal areas, such as the cashew tree licuri and other traditional species from the Restinga", they reveal, and add: "The proximity to the sea and the possibility of walking on the sand too created a light and very relaxed atmosphere”.

The intensity of the exuberant nature, strongly present in the outdoor area, made the architects choose to work with a neutral colour palette, such as beige and latte, in addition to a variety of greens. The tones appear in the nautical ropes that cover the Tidelli furniture and bring the brand's DNA to Casa da Mata. “The harmonic union of these tones made the environments very visually pleasing”, they affirm.

Fernanda Milcent highlights that the strength of the environment where the house is located, combined with the strategic terrain, the beauty of Praia do Forte and the surrounding coconut trees were the main inspirations in the project's conception. “Our objective was to create an oasis far from the city, a place of contemplation, relaxation and coexistence”.

Despite being the holiday home, the couple, who have a small son and a pet, usually live there for a period of the year. “It is the second residence of the family. From September to February they live there, enjoying the summer and welcoming family members who come from other states to visit”, they explain.

In the gourmet interior, the Mikonos chairs in olive green rope, next to the functional bench, add elegance to the environment. Outside, the Slim dining table and Boss chairs give the space cool air.

This fact led the architects to develop a project that would allow them to fully enjoy the house, and not just enjoy their vacations. “Among the differentials is the creation of a double gourmet: one inside and another outside, where the barbecue is located. On a rainy day, for example, they can turn on the air conditioning, as it is always very hot in the region, close the frames, stay in the indoor gourmet and use the outdoor grill. Everything is integrated, and the in and the out dialogue with each other, as a continuation of the house”.

The choice of furniture began with the definition of a piece: the Sedona daybed. The design of the furniture at the rear features a web of nautical ropes in opposite directions, which gives a feeling of light and shadow. “Sedona started the entire outdoor furniture project. From it, the other furniture was chosen. The rope work on the back is true poetry”, says Fernanda Milcent, who says: “There are two. They are the most used place in the residence, being perfect for sunbathing during the day and extremely pleasant at night, for contemplating the moon. It fit like a glove to what we wanted”.

The Sedona daybed with neutral upholstery reveals a charming sand coloured rope weave on the back. Rounding out the home's favourite space, the architects added a Bora Bora side table.

For the architects, in addition to being beautiful, comfortable and with design, Tidelli furniture represents durability. “They can be exposed at any time, as they are very resistant. Furthermore, even when wet, people can sit without fear of spoiling the furniture. And this is great peace of mind for the owners”.

Fernanda Milcent emphasizes that this is not the first project in which the firm has used the brand and that the relationship has been very positive at all points in the process over the years. “I know the factory in Salvador and the manufacturing processes meet all expectations, the store service is also exceptional and the flexibility of colours, ropes and structures allow us to create a unique language for each project. This is certainly one of the brand's great differentials”, she concludes.

Photography: Tarso Figueira