Do you have that nice outdoor space in your house and want to enjoy it with family or friends? Then you need cozy, beautiful furniture with design and charm. Creating lounges and contemplative corners is a good alternative for those who want to prepare these environments for socializing.

When making your furniture choices, keep an eye out, the market offers a wide variety of furniture, in different colours, materials and finishes. However, not all of them can be used outdoors, as they do not have the necessary resistance.

And then the question arises: what is the right furniture for the garden, balcony or terrace? In addition to following your style, five important items should be noted before making the purchase:

1. Do you want to know if the furniture can withstand radical climate changes, such as strong sun and high volumes of rain? Is that right?

This answer can be decisive at the time of your choice. To withstand the weather, the furniture must be of high quality or it will be necessary to carry out frequent changes, generating additional expenses.

And speaking of outdoor furniture resistance, Tidelli invests in cutting-edge technology, as well as in the relentless search for durable raw materials to create high-quality products that withstand different weather conditions. It is recognized for having durability with harmony to the design. When buying, be aware of this!

2. Do you also want comfort, right?

In addition to design, your furniture has to be comfortable.

It's no use being beautiful and modern, but not being cozy! Tidelli is recognized in the market for the differentiated design of its furniture, which, in addition to being beautiful, is very cozy. This is only possible because the brand promotes intense studies in ergonomics.

You can have furniture created by great names in Brazilian design in your homes, such as Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, Mauricio Arruda, Ruy Ohtake, Maria Cândida or Manuel Bandeira.

Tidelli values ​​professionals as a differential that brought the IDAS award, an international award in the product design category with the Veleiro lounge chair, in addition to being a finalist in another international award - WorldWide Hospitality Design Awards, and also in the Casa Vogue Award.

Tidelli believes that design combined with comfort is an invitation to enjoy good times outdoors.

3. Choose a furniture brand that offers products from different lines that harmonize. This way you can expand the environment in the future.

It is not always possible to purchase all the furniture for the outdoor area at once. See if the chosen brand has products that talk to each other so that you can, at any time, complement the purchase.

Tidelli has a wide mix of products and accessories that make harmonious compositions, even with different lines, without losing the interaction in the decoration of the space. You customize your furniture (simulate your product), not to mention technical assistance and the possibility of refurbishing your furniture in the factory itself.

4. Warranty is serious business. So, check carefully how much time the factory offers.

When choosing your furniture, make sure that it offers a guarantee in case of any eventuality. Tidelli products are manufactured to offer high durability in use in any environment. But, the brand offers a warranty of up to three years.

5. A unique and original product has more charm, do you agree?

Originality is everything! To create a piece of furniture that can be used outdoors, it takes years of research, dedication, creative exuberance on the part of the professionals involved and hard work.

Tidelli is recognized in Brazil and abroad for being innovative in everything it does! Differentiated design is one of the characteristics of the brand, which is Brazilian, and values ​​the creative professional.

Studies, research, financial contributions not only in machinery but mainly in the people who make Tidelli. There are hand braids, an infinity of combinations, and other factors that make it special, such as the diversity of colours (nautical rope, fabrics, paint and various materials) that allow the customer the freedom to create unique pieces, making it an exclusive piece of furniture. For those who like to dare with creativity, the sky is the limit. But also the most classic tastes will be catered for, with luxurious combinations.