How to set up a table for different occasions!

If there's one thing Tidelli understands, it's how to create beautiful and elegant tables for your home and outdoor areas. But when it comes to decorating them for those special moments, do you know where to start?

We have separated some special tips that will help you to set up a table in different styles, but all with something in common: charm and good taste – fundamental ingredients for those who want to receive well.

And in this case, the difference is not just in the details. Comfortable and stylish furniture and accessories also make guests feel honoured. Another important point that must be observed: is if the type of occasion matches the chosen environment. Tidelli has varied suggestions of accessories and furniture designed by exclusive designers for environments, from the most traditional to the relaxed.

Recently, the brand developed a partnership with artist Danielle Raiola. The designer curated ceramic dinnerware from her collection using the brand's new nautical rope colors as inspiration. The choices will make your table set more beautiful than ever.

Five creative and very current suggestions that Tidelli has prepared for you:

1. Traditional Table

Do you want to set up that traditional table with 12 seats? On a table set for lunch or dinner, the arrangement of crockery, glasses and cutlery must follow the basic rules of etiquette. The forks have to be on the left of the plate and the knives, spoons and cups on the right. The dessert spoon has to be on the front of the plate.

In this Tidelli composition, the placemat gave harmony to the decoration and details, such as candle holders, napkin holders, spice holders, trays and even the foliage, which followed a color palette based on Chocolate and Oliva, which also appears in the ceramics by Danielle Raiola.

In addition to the brand's recent launch, the charming Pucon table, which has an HPL top and more than 40 color options for the aluminum feet, Tidelli offers pieces created with high-quality materials, which are always new. The brand also has a wide range of accessories like those shown in the photo. Consult our catalog and choose your favorite pieces. Give wings to the imagination!


2. Cool Table

Do you like to receive friends without planning too much?

Your style is laid-back, without many rules, but with great taste! When creating your “cool table”, invest in details to make it relaxed and practical. And, even without formalities, it is important to have all the necessary items to make the moment unforgettable.

For that last-minute dinner with friends who arrived without much ceremony, we bet on placemats, bowls, napkin rings, glasses and cutlery in shades of Rose Gold and Apricot. The flowers and foliage add charm to the composition.

With the coolest style, the Spool granite table makes a beautiful combination with the Veracruz chairs. As well as the accessories, all the furniture is Tidelli, of course! The ceramic dinnerware in peach color is by artist Danielle Raiola, who curated it exclusively for the brand. Check out all this charm at the Tidelli store closest to you.


3.Bar Table

Do you want to leave conventions aside and make your Tidelli bar table perfect for a snack with friends? It's possible!

With the comfortable Amado and Kauai bar stools, the Smart bar table stands out in this corner of the house, making it the ideal place for those moments of relaxation and toasts.

In the composition of this space, the grace of the bowls, the placemat and the small cachepots for the plants in Rose Gold and Oliva, in addition to practicality, provide lightness. The ceramic dinnerware by Danielle Raiola follows the same tone line with Peach and Oliva colors. Only Tidelli has such creative ideas. Check our social media and get inspired with projects and product options.


Photos: Daniel Santo