OMB4 - Ombrelone Amendoeira Quadrado

OMB4 - Ombrelone Amendoeira Quadrado

Todos os produtos Tidelli são feitos sob medida. Você pode personalizá-lo de infinitas maneiras.

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Produto OMB4 - Ombrelone Amendoeira Quadrado
Tipo de Produto Ombrelone


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Especificações do Produto

OMB4 - Ombrelone Amendoeira Quadrado

Tidelli’s Iconic Design


Diagram Image
157.48'' 157.48'' 145.66'' - - -
400 cm 400 cm 370 cm - - -

W - width D-depth H - height AH - arm height SH - seat height WGT - weight
Note: the measurements have a possible variation of more or less 0.5 inches (wiggle room)x

Technical Specifications

Os produtos TIDELLI são feitos sob encomenda. Você pode personalizar os itens abaixo no seu projeto.

Estrutura Alumínio Revestido com Pintura Eletroestática
Tecido Tecido. Total 12m

Cores Disponíveis

Todos os produtos Tidelli são feitos sob medida. Você pode personalizá-lo de infinitas maneiras.

aluminum Disponíveis Cores
fabrics Disponíveis Cores

Shipping Info

Unds. / Caixa 0Ibs / 0Kgs
Peso Bruto 15.75”x9.75”x114.17”H / 40x25x290H cm
Dimensões da Caixa 10,2cbf / 0,29m3
Volume 6601.10.00.00
HTS 6601.10.00.00



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Aluminum offers infinite possibilities - infinite shapes and colors to literally shape and color your outdoor lifestyle. As a matter of fact, aluminum provides structure for more than 80% of Tidelli furniture. And with a monthly consumption of 15 tons, Tidelli is the largest aluminum processor in Bahia, Brazil. To keep the color and finish of your aluminum, apply automotive wax on the metallic structure every 90 days. Do not use scrub pads nor pressure cleaners to treat your Tidelli furniture. Plastic tips that isolate the furniture feet from the floor may suffer wear and tear depending on their use. Maintaining and replacing the protective feet (when necessary) will enhance the durability of your furniture.

The Tidelli fabric line ranges from the simplest weave to the most sophisticated textile. Imported from suppliers that excel in technology and constant innovation - such as Sunbrella - Tidelli sources from operations in the United States and France. What you can expect? Smooth weaves, with newest in textures and colors. Acrylic and polyester fabrics should be washed frequently using mild soap without bleach, in order to prevent the accumulation of dirt. In case of stains, soak in cold water with 10% bleach for 36 hours, and wash with water and mild soap.

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