4462 - Fusion Round Coffee Table Compact

4462 - Fusion Round Coffee Table Compact

Todos os Tidelli produtos são feitos à medida para a ordem. Você pode personalizá-lo de qualquer maneira.

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Produto 4462 - Round Coffee Table Compact
Tipo de produto Coffee table
Coleção Fusion


wood Cores

Especificações Do Produto

4462 - Fusion Round Coffee Table Compact

Tidelli’s Iconic Design


- 35'' 12'' - - 32 Ibs
- 90 cm 32 cm - - 14,7 kg

W - width D-depth H - height AH - arm height SH - seat height WGT - weight
Note: the measurements have a possible variation of more or less 0.5 inches (wiggle room)x

Technical Specifications

All TIDELLI products are tailor made to order. You can customize it anyway the project.

Quadro Solid Eucalyptus Wood
Empilhamento Not Possible
No Topo Da Tabela Solid Eucalyptus Wood

disponível Cores

Todos os Tidelli produtos são feitos à medida para a ordem. Você pode personalizá-lo de qualquer maneira.

wood Cores disponível

Shipping info

Unidades/Caixa 01
Peso Bruto 43Ibs / 19,7kgs
Dimensões Da Caixa 38"x38"x15"H / 97x97x39H cm
Volume 13,0cbf / 0,37m³
HTS 9403.60.80.81
Classe De Frete 250


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Wood is used for the structure of select Tidelli furniture, from armchairs to table tops. A team of 40 carpenters works solely with recycled wood from demolition or reforestation projects. Handmade craftsmanship upcycles raw materials. Wood that is not only sustainable but also unique. Adding personality to these one-of-a-kind products. Wood being a natural material, it may change color or even crack due to humidity levels or sudden changes in temperature. When left outdoors, wood undergoes a natural process of oxidation. To maintain and restore the original appearance of your Madeira wood Tidelli furniture, reapply varnish. We recommend purchasing directly from our resellers according to the tone of your furniture, in order to maintain the original appearance. Ask a Tidelli consultant what is the right product to use. Depending on the location of use and its exposure to the sun, the wood may lose its original appearance between 6 to 24 months.

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