The Ribeirão Preto project brings together the perfect ingredients for a bright summer!

There is nothing better than having an at-home leisure space to enjoy the bright sunny summer days. Designed by the team of designers and landscapers of the Tidelli Ribeirão Preto store, the pool area and the garden of this charming residence represents all the best that outdoor living has to offer.

The store's director, Sofia Wahdy, recalls that it all started with a lounge chair. “The client came to us, because he just wanted a lounge chair. We started introducing Tidelli furniture and, from that first contact, a whole project was created - designed and developed for a family that loves staying at home, loves the energy of the sun, loves fun games in the pool and wants to cultivate good memories. ” Sofia recalled that “in order to personalize the project, the client actively participated in the entire creation process, and that was really cool.”

As a businesswoman, she reflected that the house underwent a retrofit during the pandemic and that, after that, the client felt the need to increase comfort in the external living areas." As it is an extremely versatile brand, Tidelli furniture communicated in a harmonious way with all the changes made to the residence, as well as with the new decor and landscaping".

Design: Sugarloaf (Pão de Açúcar) brings nature’s line to the project. 

Among the highlights of the project are the armchairs and poufs of the Sugarloaf (Pão de Açúcar) line, in jade. Extremely comfortable and with a modern design, they bear the signature of the renowned designer Manuel Bandeira. The author points out that his inspiration for the creation of the furniture was Pão de Açúcar, but reinforces that it was not planned. “This illustrates my creative process, where drawing emerges. It ends up looking like my work because it reflects my history. But it is not a planned thing; it is natural,” he said. Manuel also revealed that - "I do not like to plan for a certain design, in an imposing way. I often say that design has life. It takes shape during creation. And that is interesting.”


Elegant: Daybed Oslo in lead color with beige cover. 

To complete the project, the wide Daybed Oslo invites you to relax, with the pleasures of reading or taking a good nap. Keeping within the leisure space, we see a functional rectangular table from the Pyramid line (with aluminum structure in lead color and green granite top), and garden seats and puffs from the Marina line (chosen in rouge color).

Cool: Garden seats and Marina puffs are a point of color making for a beautiful composition with the green of the landscaping.


At the pool, notice the large and comfortable Float cushions in vibrant orange and, in the surroundings black Goa umbrellas. “Tidelli offers a large variety of colors, which allows it to source 100% customizable projects, according to the taste of each client,” says Sofia Wahdy. “In addition, the brand has two major differentiators when it comes to external areas: product durability, which withstands all weather conditions, and design. And that makes all the difference.”