Sophistication is the high point of the interior project “Residência de Praia Muro Alto”, located in the beautiful tourist destination of the same name, in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco.

Designed by Adriana Porto and Luciana Neves, from Portoneves Arquitetura, the ambiance was all developed following an exquisite palette of light colors and lots of wood. “The objective was to create a sophisticated beach house, but without losing the essence of a place of rest, where users would feel welcomed and not oppressed by sophistication”, explain the architects.

Goal achieved successfully by professionals! In a space of more than 4305,56 ft², they created extremely cozy environments. “The client gave us the freedom to work. She made only one request: that the choices had a lot of quality and comfort”, they recall.

A world trend, organic lines are present at different times, through furniture with differentiated design and the use of natural materials that also refer to the natural element. Tidelli is present with timeless and sophisticated pieces.

In the rest area of ​​the balcony, facing the garden, the architects bet on a large Spool table covered with nautical coffee rope and a top with a lazy susan in natural wood. The environment also received Padang chairs and stools with a fabric of the same color and a Fusion console.

On the side, in composition with comfortable upholstery, functional Biarritz side and coffee tables with granite tops, a Bora Bora side table, and a Marina puff woven in coffee rope were added.

Surrounding the pool are Club pool chaises and Maui multipurpose bench, with sand-tone coating and a wooden top. On the deck, they created a comfortable nook with Soft chaises, pillows, and Wave side tables in Fendi. All under the protection of a side ombrelone.

The ambiance also received functional accessories such as a Maui tray, cutlery and spice holders, napkin holders, and baskets.

Adriana Porto and Luciana Neves emphasize that this is not the first time they have worked with Tidelli. “In addition to having impeccable service, the brand offers quality and excellence in materials and finishing, design, and a wide variety of colors to compose the projects. This makes it possible to create unique spaces, exclusive to each client”, conclude the architects.

Photo: Walter Dias.