What would your criteria be when selecting innovative furniture for a resort or restaurant? Price, durability, and a reliable manufacturer seal the deal for most industry professionals.  Most often they refer to their Rolodex.  However, when the project's concept rules, finding new solutions can bring a pleasant surprise!


Tidelli Mesh Chair
Enter, Roger Gagon, in his own words:
We are so fortunate to have met Tidelli at the HD Expo!  Tidelli became an amazing resource for our entire design concept, including suspended Artwork and woven sculptural features, in addition to all of the seating.  We recently completed the bar and restaurant at the elegant Grand Wailea Resort on the island of Maui.
Tidelli became integral to the entire design concept.  The setting is reminiscent of original Hawaiian architecture of hand-hewn timber and logs.  The posts, beams, and railings are all lashed together with rope.
Like the ancient Hawaiian voyaging canoes, the restaurant is floating on water, tied together with ropes! So, you can see why the discovery of Tidelli was so powerful! Their entire line is created out of ropes of various colors, sizes, and textures. It was a perfect fit for the concept. 
Tidelli Mesh Swivel Lounge Chair
Tidelli Pendant Shade
Tidelli Bora Bora Bench With Arms
Tidelli Nautical Rope Detail