For hosting and relaxing: project signed by Denise Fernandes presents concept of multifunctionality

Much more than a house, a place to live! Signed by Denise Fernandes Arquitetura, the residence project located in Condomínio Jardim da Barra, in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, has comfort, functionality, and perfect outdoor spaces to contemplate the exuberant nature of the place.     

Among the diverse environments and refuges of the large house, the pool lounge stands out, which mixes several spaces with different functionalities.

The architect Denise Fernandes says that the idea was to create a covered area for the family to relax, but that was also multifunctional and allowed to host friends. According to her, the couple, who have two children, really enjoy the green and rest after lunch. It is part of their routine.

Multiple: the Pool Lounge has become the space for resting and also for hosting from the family.


To meet another habit, Fernandes created a small space with two comfortable loungers and special lighting. "They love to read, and the pieces are perfect for that."

The couple's reading space received Fusion Pool Chaise, Painho side table, lanterns in three different sizes, and Maui baskets.


On another point, a wide modulated brings the flexibility that a fixed sofa would not give. “This format allows you to move the backrests according to the need. It is ideal for lying down and watching television and, at the same time, for moments of conviviality ", she explains, adding: "To give life to "well being", I also added cozy armchairs and a champagne table, leaving the place prepared and well equipped to receive friends in the best way ”.   

In the living room: the versatility of Flex modules, Mesh swivel chairs, Octa side tables, Marina champagne table, poufs, and Marina garden seat.


For the architect, the piece that stands out in the multiple Pool Lounge is the Kauai double swing, due to the visual lightness. “It pleases me a lot because it gives a touch of creativity and fun to the project. It is a soft element and, certainly, very disputed by those who frequent the house ”.  

In the color palette, blue is the predominant color of the project and the furniture, which also includes items in shades of nude, straw, and green. “In addition to being a hot color, the couple loves blue”, informs the architect, who adds: “In my projects, I like to put a color as a protagonist and work in more neutral tones so as not to leave the project monotonous”.   

Denise Fernandes chose the Kauai double balance as the highlight of the environment. 


The architect highlights that she had total freedom to compose the project. “It was a unique job. I had carte blanche to explore all areas in the best possible way ", she informs, and points out:" The final result of the Pool Lounge is very pleasant. In it, everything was designed to provide well-being ”.

And for Denise Fernandes, this is directly linked to the choice of furniture. “In all my projects with external areas I use Tidelli furniture because they integrate harmoniously with nature”, says the professional, who concludes: “I have been following the brand for years and I know that when I choose Tidelli, I am choosing quality, design, ergometry, comfort, and beauty. The furniture is beautiful, and I don't give up ”.

The pool area has a side umbrella, Giardino Pool Chaise and chairs, a Spool table, and Kauai armchairs.