When Maria Tereza Barbo was called to do the retrofit project of an old six-story building in Goiânia, which previously housed a hotel and would become the head office of Jacó Coelho Advogados, she was given carte blanche to create spaces that would transform the work environment into a nice place to hang out.

In line with the company’s philosophy, which has the employee’s well-being as a priority, the architect says that she received a special request from the client: to design a place where people wanted to work and that, whoever worked, would have the pleasure of going every day.

From then on, Barbo worked to build a modern and sustainable concept, which escaped the architectural proposals traditionally used in law offices. Fully automated, the building gained efficiency and sustainability features, such as controlling the use of water, lighting, air conditioning and certified products.

The LED pixel facade transforms the front of the building into something “alive” that literally dances to the music. “This technology is widely used internationally in large cities”, explains the professional.

One of the project’s highlights is the Leisure Space located on the roof, designed to be an area for socializing, decompression and relaxation. “It became a strong point and widely used by employees. In order for it to become a lounge to relax in, the decoration is strategically the opposite of the rest of the office”.

Multipurpose, also serves as a cafeteria for employees. “My idea was never to make a common cafeteria. I wanted people to have the feeling of being somewhere else, like a resort, and not in the workplace”, she says.To compose it, Maria Tereza Barbo chose pieces in colors that transmit energy and estimulate appetite and joy. “It is open and has a beautiful view of Goiânia. It’s perfect for taking a break from your routine, seeking lightness and catching your breath. In it, the mind breathes”, she says.

In the Leisure Space, the architect used a Goa base with a HPL top and dining table and Bar table from the Smart Line, in a composition with Amado Chairs and Bar Stools in Esmerald and Blood Orange colors.

For the ambience, cozy Mesh lounge chairs and Marina sofas were placed. “My choice for furniture in this area could not be other than Tidelli. The brand met all the requirements I was looking for: quality, easy maintenance, durability, color options and modern design. Everything I was looking for to fulfill the client’s request”, Maria concludes.

Photography: Estúdio Onzeonze