A travel-loving couple, who know the whole world, but when they come home, they want to feel like they are in a private oasis. And it was from this starting point that Barbara and Vick Bacchi, from the Imã Architecture Office, developed the “Domum Garnero”, a special project for the external areas of Álvaro and Lou Garnero’s beautiful residence, located in the Jardins neighborhood, in São Paulo.

The professional says that she was inspired by the life stories of the residents to print their stamp on every detail. “Domum comes from Latin and means home. “Domum Garnero” is part of Heritage Homes, a conceptual project created by the Imâ Office to celebrate and make tangible the legacy and heritage of iconic people, with memorable styles. And all this, combining architecture, well-being, and unique experiences”, she explains.

Even the colors were thought of in the couple's experiences. “When they had Luma, they formed a family. The daughter's name means moon, which was our basis for the chosen color chart”, she reveals.

The designer worked with Tidelli furniture in marsala, orange and beige colors to decorate the garden, the pool area, the gourmet space, and the veranda.

The outdoor area is also inspired by “Escape Resorts”, those places where you escape when the goal is to relax, rest, enjoy life, and enjoy nature. “They wanted it to translate their personality, with items that represented their stories, their lifestyle and, of course, had references to the trips they had already taken”, they say, and complete: “We intended to transform the house into a refuge, as in the best hotels in the world”.

Around the pool, Barbara Bacchi invested in comfortable Soft daybeds and Goa ombrelones. On the sides, Marina puff and Veracruz side table and, in the water, the floating tray give functionality to the space.

A small lounge made up of Kauai lounge chairs and a Marina champagne coffee table invites residents to socialize!

At the other extreme, the Hermosa hammock with support is all the family needs for moments of relaxation, such as afternoon naps with little Luma.

In the gourmet space, a large table made of natural wood received Kauai chairs. For the environment, and for family fun, the designer added the Fusion swing loveseat.

The perfect environment to put into practice the family's recipes, the gourmet veranda has gained a relaxed style, with the Amado bar stools and the decorative Imperial bowl.

Designer Barbara Bacchi says that the choice for Tidelli had to do with the versatility that the brand can give to each project, from the personalization of the furniture. “Our goal is always to imprint the personality of the owners on the projects, giving it a personal touch. And this is made possible with the wide mix that the brand offers, both in furniture and in colors and materials”, she says and concludes: “Working with Tidelli was an incredible journey. The company understood all our needs. The result is an outdoor area that calls for a living, the Garnero family's private oasis”.

Photos: Daniel Santo