Praia do Forte is the paradisiacal setting of the “Jangadas 30” project, designed by the Bahian architect Daniel Bastos. The modern residence located a few meters from the sea, in the charming Praia das Jangadas Condominium, has gained an outdoor area that perfectly integrates with the local nature.

Created for a young couple with three children and who prioritize the “art of hospitality”, the 230 m² (754.5932ft) leisure space features well-defined organic shapes in the pool, on the deck and in the vibrant colours of Tidelli furniture.

The floating pillow adorns the large swimming pool which, in its surroundings, has comfortable Club pool chaisesCozumel side tableWave side tableAmado double chaise, as well as a Piramide table in composition with Bali chairs and hexagonal ombrelone.

A large swimming pool and small lounges bring the concept of relaxation into detail, promoting a feeling of freedom, warmth and also stimulating relaxation. Daniel Bastos highlights that the furniture helped to bring the beach spirit into the project. “The entire environment was designed to be pleasant and very comfortable”, he explains, adding: “I opted for furniture in blue, green and orange, which match the tone of the pool and the wood used. The light design of each piece together with the exclusivity of the colours made this project unique”.

The lounge with Trancoso lounge chairs and a a Marina coffee table champagne is perfect for a chat over good drinks in the late afternoon.

The architect highlights that the choice of Tidelli allowed him to develop a project that mixed different styles, without losing harmony. “The rusticity and magnificence of the Trancoso lounge chairs, based on a wooden log, combines, for example, with the contemporaneity of the Pendulo, by Ruy Ohtake. Everything talks well with each other”, he says, who also invested in accessories such as the Imperial bowl, Maui basket and Conical vases covered with nautical rope in different sizes.

 In the dining space, the architect opted for a Spool table with a granite top and modern Painho chairs, covered with indigo blue nautical rope.

For Daniel Bastos, the versatility of the furniture is one of the highlights of the brand, but not only that. “It was wonderful working with Tidelli. From the consultancy I received at the store to the quality of the furniture, which brought a lot of personality to the project, the entire process was guided by excellence. And that made all the difference in the result achieved”, he concludes. 

The Pendulo swing is one of the brand's icons. Its design made the piece become an object of desire in the world.

Photo: Tarso Figueira.