Paradisiacal view becomes part of the scenery of the Project created with Tidelli’s furniture.

The exuberanting view of Camboinha beach, in the city of Cabedelo, Paraíba, besides being the protagonist of HC Rooftop, was also the main inspiration for the architect Raquel Claudino to create the design of the leisure area of the beautiful property.  


In the large outdoor space, with more than 1292ft², the professional chose to highlight the family’s passion for the sea, through an ambiance made with modern furniture, predominantly in blue. The color makes a direct reference to the sea. “I harmonized with clear tones to maintain neutrality and enhance the view, which is striking”, explains Claudino.

The architect points out that vacations represent rest, turning off the mind and getting out of the routine. And the change in the mindset starts with the change in habits and “airs”, even for short periods. Even breakfast with a sea view takes on another flavor. “The couple mentioned several times during the project their desire to make this meal facing the paradisiacal view of the beach. The request was fully granted”, she says.

Developed for a family that values quality of life and loves to welcome friends to socialize, the vacation apartment conveys a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation, with all the comfort that a home needs. “I chose to integrate the spaces so that the interaction between the residents would flow organically”, says the professional, who adds: “People are spending more and more time at home. In addition to a trend, creating more open areas also promotes conviviality and relationships, issues that are increasingly relevant today”.

The architect says that one of the differentials of the project is the versatility of the furniture, which can be adapted to various situations from the simple change in the arrangement of the furniture. “The modulated sofa can be changed according to the needs of the family at the moment. As well as the charming ombrelone, which has easy mobility and can be transported from the deck to different locations”. 

Another highlight of the external area is due to the pendulum, signed by the renowned architect Ruy Ohtake. In addition to being iconic, the piece - which is one of the most disputed in the leisure space - integrates the landscape of Camboinha beach, as in a work of art.

For Raquel Claudino, who already has extensive experience working with Tidelli, each project is different because it brings with it the personality of the client. However, what doesn’t change is the quality and durability of the brand’s product. “It has a design, variety of colors and many models, which gives me the freedom to create. I indicate with confidence”, she concludes.

Photography: Guilherme Honorato.