Landscape artist Anna Luiza Rothier signs the "Couple’s Room Balcony". A space created to contemplate nature without leaving home, with an open-air living - perfect for Rio de Janeiro's nights.


The "Couple's Room Balcony" is inspired by how people transformed their relationship with their homes and by the desire for a socializing leisure outdoor space. "Not everyone can have a garden. So I decided to transform the terrace into a multipurpose space right at an outdoor area by the master suite".
In this space, the effervescent nature of the backyard and the landscaping project's crops get highlighted along with the off-white, gray, and multigreen shades from the furniture.



The idea was to integrate the whole space harmoniously. "I'm passionate about Tidelli and its multiplicity, its color palette, and its finishing quality. In my designs, I prioritize the brand because of its large mix of products. So I don't get caught in a trend, and I get to cover different outdoor furniture styles and combine them", says. "Using Tidelli on Casa Cor is a special feature because it enriches the space."


Made for couples who like to have quality time in the family, the "Couple's Room Balcony" got a table and chairs from the Bora Bora line for intimate meals.
Anna Luiza Rothier prolonged the room by developing an open-air living composed of several modules of Flex Sofa and Kauai Armchair. Very inviting for Rio de Janeiro warm nights.
Also available in the lounge are Marina Garden Seats and Puffs, Octa Side Tables, Auxiliary Table with Biarritz Bucket, Fusion Stool, Spool Benches, Club Lanterns, Maui Basket, decorative cushions, and straight rope rug.


In this same space, there is a playful area that will be a complement for the suite's wet area, with Pão de Açúcar Armchair and Puff. Signed by Manuel Bandeira, the line offers poetic shapes that bring to life the most beautiful Rio de Janeiro's postcards. "It is a relaxing lounge. Perfect for chilling after taking a shower or for reading a good book on a sunny day. All of this while enjoying the sound of the waters from a small fountain, surrounded by aquatic plants", he explains.
The wild vibe surrounds the entire parapet, which is also surrounded by a jardiniere filled with palm trees, philodendrons, and other plants give sense to the concept of being outdoors. "The visitors are going to feel the romantic atmosphere that we created in the place. It's a really special place."


Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro takes place from March 2nd to April 25th, in an iconic house of eclectic style, from the 19th century, address of the Brando Barbosa residence, in Jardim Botânico, surrounded by a 130 thousand square foot Atlantic Forest garden. In addition to the Lunch Room with Balcony and the Couple's Room Balcony, Tidelli is also present at the Casa Up show, signed by Cadé Marino, Michelle Wilkinson, and Thiago Morsch, from UP 3 Architecture.


Photography: Juliano Colodeti

Produced and Edited by

Pictures: Marcelo Freire

Assigned Journalist
Luciane Rocha Martins
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