Versatile Outdoor Furniture - SnobBirds Testimonial

The creative interior designer professionals Kelly and Justin Harris, behind SnobBirds, understand how versatile execution is fundamental to the success of any project, especially when partnering with manufacturing companies to bring a vision to life.

Given their background in the theme entertainment industry, they are always looking for unique and innovative products that align with SnobBirds brand and values.

“We're always trying to push for innovation, doing things differently. This is part of why we love Tidelli because they’re doing things that are very unique. They always come out with new collections. We love things that are as different and quirky and it really plays into our company and our brand. We complement each other very well.”
Justin Harris, SnobBirds

The dynamic duo has experienced firsthand the exceptional quality and versatility of Tidelli’s furniture, not only for their clients but also for themselves. Their home in Koh Samui, Thailand, gained a Tidelli Painho Club Lounge Chair.

“We bought a Tidelli chair in 2018 because we love how the rope fabric doesn't absorb dirt. It stayed clean, honestly, for the last 7 or 8 years. We love the style of the chair. Super dramatic, and we always get compliments on the chair.”
Justin Harris, SnobBirds

“… We picked a very poppy purple for the rope and then a neutral fabric for the seating. It blends with the serenity of the environment… We have the ocean from our rooftop in the background and everyone that comes to visit our house wants to sit in this throne-like chair and really just enjoy their surroundings.”
Kelly Harris, SnobBirds

Versatility through customization

Versatility is key when transforming spaces across the hospitality, residential, and commercial sectors. We at Tidelli understand this need and it has been our mission to handcraft customizable outdoor furniture for the last 35 years.

Design versatility: with over 1,200 variations of products ranging in many different categories and sizes, you are sure to find a Tidelli that fits your projects.

Creative versatility (with unlimited color and material options that withstand the elements): A vast selection of colors and materials offered by Tidelli allows for endless customization possibilities. Our durable construction and materials ensure longevity, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Hand-Made Production: Our products are produced in our own vertical manufacturing facility in Brazil. With precise attention to detail, our 400+ craftsman artists hand-build your furniture.

Convenient Delivery
(Southern California and Nationwide)

For designers working in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Coachella Valley, Tidelli offers flat-fee delivery. Email us at to receive details about our flat-fee rate.

If you are far from one of our showrooms, no problem! Please contact us to receive a no-commitment delivery estimate to any place.

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