Veracruz by Sami Hayek - Latina Collection 2021

Life’s philosophy and design! Sami Hayek has an enviable curriculum when the subject is innovative design and style, betting in products and brands that make sense with his view of life.

For the Mexican artist, designing is about promoting experiences. His vibrant and minimalist style is proof of this statement. Despite being inspired by the colors, textures, and emotions of his home country to develop his creations, Sami Hayek has traveled the world to promote not only his work but also his knowledge, as a teacher and speaker.

In 2021, the artist brings an exclusive furniture line to the Latina Collection by Tidelli, revisiting his own roots, combining neutral tone with vivid colors to launch the Veracruz line. The collection was created from childhood references in his hometown and the typical mexican culture  that brings together multifaceted references from his country to the precise shapes that give identity to his style. 

The Veracruz line aims to adapt to the most varied styles with a wide pallete of colors and finishing options. “It’s a line that approach the importance of balacing the discipline with enthusiasm.” says Sami. Among the developed pieces for the Veracruz line are: sofa, lounge chair, back folding screen, side folding screen, side table, coffee table, bench, rope lounge chair and chair.

Photography: Reinaldo Giarola