A charming refuge in the heart of Rio de Janeiro

This is Classic Lagoa, a charming restaurant and bar on the shores of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio de Janeiro. With its broad cuisine and small, stylish, and colorful design, this refuge has grabbed the hearts of both locals and visitors, creating the ambiance of a "secret garden" in the center of the city. Discover the choices behind this incredible project and what makes it so special.

The environment is pleasant and appealing, surrounded with plants that provide a sense of seclusion and quiet, hiding clients from the glare of the street. It is located only a couple of feet away from the edge of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, and it offers a great view of the lake.

Classic Lagoa's décor was meticulously created in collaboration with the help of Rio de Janeiro’s Tidelli store. The space is divided into several distinct areas. Lounge areas, a covered deck for dining, higher bar tables, an area with lower tables for quick meals, and even a space with strategically placed lounge chairs for customers to enjoy and relax while taking in the view. Not to mention the most Instagrammable spot at Lagoa... a Pendulum swing that frames the scenery.

The furniture at Classic Lagoa was carefully chosen according to the needs of each space. Versatility and comfort were the guidelines for the lounge area, where we find the FLEX sofa, VERACRUZ lounge chairs, FUSION coffee tables, BIARRITZ side tables, ottoman and garden seat  MARINA. The combination of PYRAMID tables with their distinctive base and MIKONOS seats, which complement the wooden deck flooring, adds refinement and flair to the deck. 


Tidelli is capable of designing custom furniture for corporate clients through collaborative effort, developing distinct versions that respond to each client's individual demands. As an example of this work, some furniture adaptations were specially developed for Classic Lagoa. Notably, the SMART bar table, which features a wooden base for easy maintenance, as people commonly rest their feet on it. In addition, four AMADO bar stools complement the SMART bar tables, providing a perfect space for engaging in a good conversation. The GIARDINO bar stools are also unique, with rope design on the legs to ensure their beauty and ease maintenance.

Right in front of the Lagoa, you'll find the PÃO DE AÇÚCAR armchairs and the PAINHO side table. The popular PÊNDULO swing has its own space, perfect for capturing flawless photos with the stunning view of the Lagoa as the backdrop.

The colors used to create the mood feature various hues of green as the primary focus, combining with the surrounding environment and bringing to life the image of a genuine garden, which is an ongoing concept throughout the project.


In the heart of Rio de Janeiro, we discover a harmonious space where time slows down. The sound of chirping birds takes center stage, drowning out the traffic in the background. The Lagoa frames the environment, reflecting an endless blue sky. It's easy to forget the world outside and feel like you're in a secret garden, as if you've stepped into a dream. It's a perfect destination for food lovers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking peace of mind, where you can enjoy special moments in an incredible outdoor experience.