Tidelli features in Spa das Tartarugas

A peaceful fishing village surrounded by coconut trees, with an extensive stretch of white sand and an unparalleled blue sea! The paradisiacal Santo Antônio Beach, in Costa do Coqueiro, Bahia, was chosen as the setting for the miniseries Spa das Tartarugas by director and screenwriter José Araripe Jr.

Starring Emanuelle Araújo and still in the filming stage, the plot tells the story of Juraci, a woman raised in São Paulo and accustomed to city life, who inherits from her deceased father a spa of alternative healing located on an untouched and energetic beach. Fiction blends with reality as Santo Antônio naturally possesses all these characteristics, making it the perfect location for the story.


Despite being located in one of Brazil's most bustling coastlines, it remains an oasis where tourists from different parts of the world seek peace, tranquility, and a connection with nature.

Surrounded by coconut trees and with part of the restinga vegetation preserved, Santo Antônio offers fixed spots for the relaxation of its visitors. Almost all common areas, some inns, and bars have Tidelli furniture as part of their decoration.

This prominence led the brand to be featured in the miniseries, becoming part of the scenography and, at times, even taking the spotlight. One such case is the iconic "Painho" armchair, designed by Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, which plays a special role in the production, serving as the "throne" to be conquered.

Everywhere you look, there are spaces furnished with Tidelli furniture. The beachside landscape seduces tourists with an irresistible invitation: to feel the power of solar energy.

Amidst the colorful houses and rustic stalls, other charming lounges were created with Pão de Açúcar armchairs and puffs, designed by the renowned Manuel Bandeira, large ombrelones, Padang and Maui stools, Marina, Java, and Boss chairs, as well as Marina garden seats, Fusion and Biarritz tables.

The Amado line by Alfio Lisi appears in comfortable armchairs arranged for those who appreciate the fantastic sunset on the beach. Inspired by two great Brazilian personalities, Caymmi and Jorge Amado, these pieces embody a light lifestyle that encourages good conversations, socializing, and contemplation.

In colors like green, blue, sand, and nude tones, Tidelli furniture harmoniously integrates into every corner of Santo Antônio Beach, its exuberant nature, the movement of the waves, and the tranquil natural pools. The stunning destination still retains the atmosphere of a small village with dirt roads and a lot of beachfront. "It fits perfectly with Tidelli's philosophy. We believe that being connected with nature changes and transforms people," says the company's president and a passionate fan of the location, Luciano Mandelli.

The brand is also involved in the community, promoting awareness actions regarding sustainability. "Several initiatives are being implemented to preserve biodiversity and culture. The goal is to show that tourism can drive a society, providing authentic experiences while preserving all this beauty for future generations," concludes the executive.

Santo Antônio Beach was also the theme of the latest episode of Outdoor Experience by Tidelli. The show is featured on the YouTube platform and aims to showcase real experiences to viewers, always combining content about decoration, architecture, tourism, gastronomy, and lifestyle.

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