Ropetex - Tidelli's Exclusive Technology

Confort, design and greater resistence to weather

Tidelli innovates again and launches an exclusive fabric, in 3D, produced with nautical rope, the Ropetex. The novelty is the result of the unprecedented partnership between São Paulo designer Alice Capella and the company and comes after over a year of research. Ropetex is woven as handmade manual knitting and composed of polyester yarns.

The company’s president, Luciano Mandelli, says that intense studies were carried out to create a nautical rope with very fine thread and then transform it into fabric. “We made investments in specific machinery to weave the rope and creating a raw material that is unmatched in the market”.

Mandelli points out that this is one of the great features of the brand. “Tidelli is recognized for innovating and we understand that it is an obligation to develop our own raw material. This makes us offer exclusivity and novelty, which creates a boundary against copies. And that’s how deep we’re going in this type of research. It is a serious and intense work of development ”, he evaluates.


The designer Alice Capella points out that the creation can become unproductive when those who develop the product do not know the production process. To prevent this from happening, she combined her expertise with Mandelli’s to give life to Ropetex, which simulates handmade manual knitting but is made with high industrial technology. From this union and knowledge about yarn, machine, weaving, and finishing, they came to a surprising result.

“I felt very valued for having space to share my knowledge with someone who really listened to me and understood me, who believed in my project, gave me the freedom to create and guided me from beginning to end, without leaving any details aside. It was fantastic ”, concludes the designer.

Ropetex can be applied to decorative pillows and on some models of sofa backs, such as those from the Flex line. The product hits stores in May and will be available in eight different colors: Acqua, Mustard, Chocolate, Copper, Jade, Rouge, Indigo, and Warm Gray. 

Photography: Reinaldo Giarola