Resort-inspired leisure area in Paraíba

Project in Campina Grande creates resort-inspired leisure area     

The imposing architecture and sophisticated landscaping of Mário Lago Residential are some of the highlights of the project located in Campina Grande, Paraíba. At the entrance, a 72ft reflecting pool welcomes residents.

The name was chosen in honor of the famous Brazilian artist Mário Lago, who is represented through five female sculptures that allude to women who were important in his work. Created by a brazilian artist Guida Marques, and entitled Aurora, Amélia, Ilusão, Menina and Gilda, they are distributed throughout the large leisure area, giving a poetic and exclusive touch to the property development.

With more than 2,500 m² (3875in²), the external common area was created by the architect and landscaper Heignne Jardim. “I got carte blanche when I was called to develop this project. To give life to the largest leisure area the client has ever built, I chose to follow a bold and contemporary style”, she recalls. To compose it, the professional invested in Tidelli furniture, using a beige, corten steel, black and wood color palette. The furniture was arranged along two decks on different levels, in the entrance hall and in the outdoor barbecue lounge. “I opted for these shades that also appear in the architecture of the project to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere”, she explains.

On the upper deck, daybeds from the Amado line, designed by renowned designer Alfio Lisi, are the highlight. Used with rope in Cinnamon color, the pieces inspired by northeastern regionalism are a true invitation to relaxation. On the side areas, Bora Bora side tables with arabesque marble top provide functionality. 

For those who want to relax in the sun, there are comfortable Club lounge chairs and Biarritz side tables with buckets and wood top. For those who prefer a good chat with friends or family, the Technicolor tables with ombrelone and Java chairs are the perfect option.

On the lower deck, the architect used Giardino pool chaises – which also appear on the “beach” inside the pool – and, again, Biarritz tables with coolers to cool drinks in the center. Spool bar tables with Amado bar stools complement the space and become an additional use option to celebrate outdoor living. “Traditionally, the pool is already a meeting point for people. I wanted to give a resort connotation to this environment so that it would meet the most diverse objectives of those who pass by, whether social, relaxation or having good moments of leisure with friends. And the outdoor furniture was fundamental”.

In tune with the architecture and helping to maintain the pool’s privacy, the metallic gazebos with hollow plates, designed by the architect, received Kauai swings. “Outdoor living is a trend that has gained more traction in recent times. People want to contemplate nature, be in the sun, breathe fresh air”, she says. 

Tidelli also appears in the outdoor barbecue lounge with wooden benches from the Fusion line, by Maria Cândida Machado, and in the lobby with Painho loveseats with black nautical rope, designed by the architect Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design.

Heignne Jardim says she chose Tidelli furniture because the pieces have a timeless, contemporary design and are customizable. “I can create exclusive projects with the brand. I can choose the color of the aluminium, the nautical rope, the finishes, the tops and every detail”, he says, and adds: “It’s already the fifth project for the same client that I use Tidelli. In each of them, I used different colors and compositions. I love specifying the brand and customizing every detail, as the furniture places great value on the spaces and the result is always surprising”.

The architect also highlights that another important factor is the excellence of the indoor product. “The furniture is of extreme quality. Those who invest in Tidelli know that they are buying furniture that has durability, as well as a lot of design and comfort”, she concludes.

Photography: Vilmar Costa