Organic lines and functionality mark the new Tidelli partnership

In a partnership with Tidelli for the first time, the architect Solana Marianelli presents the charming Carmel.

To give life to the line made up of lounge chairs, chairs, and swivel bar stools, the professional went inside the factory and worked on the prototype with a craftsman from the company.

“I tested different knots, braids, and finishes until reaching the final result that are exclusive pieces, different from those currently found on the market”.

Inspired by Macrame and world design trends, Carmel brings simultaneously rustic and modern styles. The furniture brings organic shapes with well-defined continuous lines mixed with the artisanal process, making each piece of furniture unique with a differentiated aesthetic.

“I like to leave the obvious, always looking for new references and inspirations. I prioritize originality”.

For the architect, the experience of working in the factory was a great differentiator. The products of the brand, which is recognized worldwide for its handmade process, are made by people for people, not on an industrial scale.

It makes each Tidelli piece of furniture unique, exclusive, and a design piece. The result can be seen in impactful projects full of personality! As you deserve!

Photos: Tarso Figueira