Hermosa - the 9th Swing Design Tidelli Offers

Everything that is real, was once a dream!

Inspired by this, the Tidelli artisan and rope braider, Fábio de Jesus Santos, designed and brought to life the Hermosa Swing, the first product 100% created by a company employee.

“I love what I do and I believe in the way of being an artisan, that the more you do something, the better it gets. I used my experience to create a product that offers comfort, well-being, and safety, in addition, the swing has a differentiated design that allows it to be compacted and taken to different places”.

The exclusivity that the handmade offers appear in this piece in a unique braid, made manually with nautical rope. The wefts made by skillful hands bring the life story of a people, who believe and perform!

“I designed this swing while I was on vacation. I dedicated myself a lot to create it and I feel happy for the opportunity to present my work in this way. I believe that if the company grows, I grow with it.”.

Modern, but with an organic footprint in the design, the Hermosa swing has an aluminum structure and a comfortable upholstered seat. Its support ropes support up to 286.60 lbs. On the upper part, it has a wooden detail – which makes it combine harmoniously different styles of decoration, in addition to a swivel that allows you to rotate the piece 360-degree.

The mix of colors available for Tidelli's nautical ropes allows you to create the piece according to the project, from the casual to the most sophisticated.
Perfect for moments of good conversation and socializing with those you love in gardens, balconies, and open areas. Tidelli believes that life is better outdoors!

Photos: Tarso Figueira

Besides being the first product 100% created by a company employee, the Hermosa swing is the 9th swing design Tidelli offers. Get inspired by how people used Tidelli swings - indoors and outdoors - to make their space extra special >>>