Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro to have Tidelli garden as one of the highlights of the show



Cadé Marino, Michelle Wilkinson, and Thiago Morsch, from UP 3 Architecture, debuted in the historic 30-year edition of Casa Cor Rio do Janeiro in the best possible way, signing one of the Rio show's featured spaces: Casa UP.

 The trio built a 1615 sq ft loft from scratch to portray a loft concept, based on their desire to create a healthy home, which makes it a strong candidate for the International HBC (Healthy Building Certificate) — a special title given to health-promoting and well-being projects after a rigorous evaluation of the building process since the conception to its execution.

 The construction reminds a hidden green box in the garden and has a stone wall as a background. Inside, the spaces are integrated and wall-free. The roomy design is very contemporary. That doesn't mean the rooms are not made to fulfill their roles in a home, such as hosting, relaxing, loving, resting, sharing, keeping memories, purifying, and learning.

 The outdoor area integrates harmoniously with the loft. In the large 1500 sq ft space, surrounded by exuberant nature, the green's intensity from the Atlantic Forest serves a diversity of vegetation species and the best of Tidelli furniture. 

To keep the visitors safe and distant from each other without missing enjoying the place, the architects created spaced lounges with puffs and garden seats from Marina and Soft lines, Soft loungers, Fusion and Spool coffee tables, in addition to a living area with Cloud carpet, double Kauai swings, and Float cushions. “Tidelli is a reference when it comes to external furniture. The furniture is thoughtful, resistant, has a very strong design appeal, vibrant and elegant colors, and all of this has a lot to do with Rio de Janeiro ”, points out the trio.

 According to the architects, choosing the brand has to do with the company's purpose. "We chose partners who have the same mindset and ideology as we do."

Double Kauai swings, Float cushions, Marina, Fusion and Spool coffee tables, Rugs Cloud and side table octa.

By working with a green, gray, and pink color palette - purposely defined to integrate the house with the surroundings - the professionals were able to lessen the impact of construction on nature, making the external area a real space for appreciation. “Everything that is there, from the modern house to Tidelli products - talk to each other and creates an assemblage”, explains the architect, who completes: “The idea is that people can sit and admire the life that exists in the environment, which is beautiful."   

Cadé Marino, Michelle Wilkinson, and Thiago Morsch highlight the meaning to explore the visitors' feelings and experiences. By stimulating the curiosity of the front viewers and making them feel comfortable as they enter the house, they can feel virtually at home. As they enjoy the creative garden, they feel connected to nature. "It is the merge of man and nature. The visitors will find out a new concept in living, in sync with the world latest trends and society's transformations in relating to their own home", they conclude.

Garden seat e puff Marina, puff e pool chaise Soft.

Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro takes place from March 2nd to April 25th, in an iconic house of eclectic style, from the 19th century, address of the Brando Barbosa residence, in Jardim Botânico, surrounded by a 12 thousand m² garden of Atlantic Forest.

In addition to Casa Up, Tidelli will be present at the show in two other spaces: the Lunch Room with Balcony, by Chico Gouvêa, and on the Couple's Room Balcony, by Anna Luiza Rothier.



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