Drop: Water Movement Inspires Tidelli Design

Nature has always been a constant presence in Tidelli's creations, and it emerges prominently in the brand's major launch for 2024: the Organika Collection, composed of furniture designs inspired by natural and sustainable elements and forms from the ecosystem.

Designed by Luciano Mandelli, the
Drop collection draws direct inspiration from the planet's most vital natural resource—water.

Comprising a swing with a fluid and rounded design, it features a modern handwoven nautical rope pattern and draws Boho-style inspiration. "We applied a Macramé technique with a knot called the Secret Knot. It allows flexibility throughout the weaving, creating an incredibly light handmade feel that evolves until the closure," explains the designer.

Like a giant suspended water droplet, Luciano aimed to create a piece of furniture that gives the sensation of floating in space. Suspended from the middle of the piece with open sides, the swing allows integration with the surrounding environment and people, offering moments of contemplation and social interaction. "During the research and development of the design process, we understood that freedom was the key aspect of this piece," he recalls.

Featuring an aluminum frame and upholstered seat and backrest, the Drop was designed to be streamlined and somewhat minimalist. "It's simple and, at the same time, beautiful. It was created to be a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in various types of projects," says Luciano Mandelli, adding, "Creating furniture that is intelligent, sustainable, design-oriented, in line with trends, and comfortable is an ongoing concern for Tidelli. That's what you'll see throughout the Organika collection. We hope you like it!"