Wall Sculptures in Nautical Rope: Art and Architecture Mark Tidelli’s New Release

Throughout history, art and architecture have always gone hand in hand! Recognizing this, Tidelli decided to add another ingredient to this recipe for success: Design, and innovates with Raízes Collection.

Unlike anything the brand has presented before, the collection consists of wall sculptures that can be used in decorations of different styles and even in fashion compositions.


The pieces were created in partnership with the renowned jeweler Karin Reiter. The artist drew inspiration from Brazil to bring the accessories to life, crafting them intuitively in an organic play with ropes.

"The Raízes Collection was born from the feeling and desire to pay homage to the exuberance of Brazilian fauna and flora, rich in biodiversity, both in animal species and vegetation." - Karin Reiter


The Raízes Collection brings all this symbolism and the power that the elements carry to the jewelry. Beyond aesthetics, it aims to promote the preservation of forests through its creations.

REDE: The woven design pays tribute to the bobbin lace makers, a rustic and interlaced pattern in homage to fishermen.

CIPÓ offers a contrast with the heavy metal, one of the characteristics of the Atelier Karin Reiter.


ELOS, a symbol of connection, unites the lightness of rings with the strength of interwoven metal threads.


carries the essence of time and the resilience of the roots of ancient trees, available in two sizes, it can be used as a wall necklace or as a centerpiece on dining tables.