CasaCor Paraíba: Organic Design Amidst the Trend of Well-Being Marks Tidelli's Participation

The trend of people seeking welcoming environments was one of the central points of the latest edition of Casa Cor Paraíba, with the theme "Body and Dwelling."

As an expert in outdoor living furniture, Tidelli brought all its coziness and the organic shapes of its furniture to the Exhibition in three spaces where comfort and sensations could be felt in every detail.


In the open air, architects Georgia Suassuna and Raquel Claudino, along with landscape designer Bia Campelo, brought Arvoreza to life. The environment engaged visitors' senses through small paths filled with trees in a cozy atmosphere.

In the center of the entrance garden, the professionals created a lounge area with Pucon modular pieces, lanterns, and vases with numerous plants. At other points, they added swivel chairs Carmel and rocking armchairs Iaiá, perfect for "rocking" new emotional memories.

Designed to be disruptive, Arvoreza is a refuge amidst the city's concrete jungle. The landscaping brought a green embrace, inspiring calmness and comfort, using natural materials and unique furniture.


In the Café Terrário, designed by architects Rebeca Cavalcanti and Pablo Máximo of the Form Arquitetos studio, the proposition was simple and inviting: have a coffee in a space immersed in nature.

In the outdoor area, where the house's old swimming pool used to be, amid landscaping and architecture, the duo created lounges for small groups with Tulum sofas, Organika side tables, Biarritz coffee tables, with Marina champagne cooler, Spool benches, and many lanterns. For more intimate conversations, the choices were Organika dining tables and stylish Painho chairs.

Tidelli's design shone in this space that resembled an oasis within the Exhibition. "We love challenges and innovation, so we designed the largest architectural space of CASACOR, from the foundation to interior design, conveying the concept of balancing curved and straight lines with the theme Body and Dwelling," highlighted the architects.


In the Jardim Veredas, architect Renata Gadelha worked with colors, both in architecture and landscaping, bringing memories of vacations spent in the backcountry.

Earthy tones, rustic materials, and typical caatinga species like bromeliads and mandacarus stood out in the space that began in the central courtyard, morphed, took oblique contours and tropical species, in a path that guided the visitor towards the exit and also the sea.


Along the way, visitors found small nooks with Octa side tables and armchairs, along with Marina line tables and garden seats. At other times, comfortable rocking armchairs Amado and a Macramê hammock, as well as Spool benches and tables and large plant pots.

Another highlight of the environment was the expansive dining table made of bricks, adorned with modern Java chairs and many elements related to the Northeast, like cocoa, pineapples, and ceramics. Pure charm!