An Easter full flavor and creativity

Easter is renewal, love, and also a great time to be with family and friends at home and enjoy the moment together. A warm moment, when care and dedication are reflected in the aroma of the  recipes, the taste of the dishes and in preparing our house to receive our guests. Small details make all the difference! It is important to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Offering comfort for your guests is part of the preparation.


A beautiful table where each item conveys warmth, care, and attention. These details are even capable of stimulating appetite and making the experience even more enjoyable. The harmony in the arrangement of dishes also adds an extra flavor. And to stimulate creativity this Easter, we searched for a different recipe for a very traditional dish. The Easter cod gained regional airs from the Brazilian cerrado through the eyes of Chef Juliana Clacino.



Gueroba, or guariroba, is a typical palm heart from the Brazilian cerrado.
It is also called bitter palm heart and can be substituted in the recipe by common palm heart.

1 cod loin
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
30 g of hot pepper
50ml of olive oil

Rocket and lettuce leaves, cherry tomato

Gueroba preparation
80g of gueroba
1 lemon
Lemon pepper
Red chili pepper

Caramelized pumpkin
3 slices of pumpkin in half-moon shape
60g of sugar
100ml of water