Rosenbaum & Fetiche


Architect, product designer and broadcaster, Marcelo Rosenbaum is one of Brazil’s most prolific designers. He is lauded for his work on social initiatives as much as the vibrant spaces that made his name. Marcelo Rosenbaum sees the house as a place where personal memories and cultural roots have a prominent place. It’s also a place to include one’s own history.
Over the past 20 years, he has led a multidisciplinary team of professionals (including designers, architects, producers and communication professionals) in achieving this vision of promoting the importance of design. Carolina Armellini and Paulo Biacchi created the Fetiche Design Studio in 2008. The intention was having autonomy in the development of their pieces. Also, included in the intent, was the ability to create, produce and show new pieces with freedom. The concept of fetish is intrinsic to the products that Carolina and Paulo develop; seeking references and meanings beyond the form and function of each piece.