With a golf course as a backdrop, the project is among the most sophisticated in São José do Rio Preto.

When the renowned architect Claudia Togni was asked to take over the S&S Residence project, she received a special request from the residents: that the furniture in the outdoor area be harmoniously integrated with the beautiful landscape of the Quinta do Golfe condominium, located in São José do Rio Perto. Well-positioned on the edge of the resort's golf course, the building has a wonderful view of nature, with the setting sun as the backdrop. “The primary guideline we followed was to craft a smooth transition, utilizing furniture that had a light design and interacting with the surroundings in an elegant and charming way - reflecting the project as it is,” says the professional.


Considering the monochromatic interior architecture, Togni decided on colored dots in orange, terracotta, yellow, and mustard for the external design of the S&S residence, in contrast to the shades of gray, black, graphite, and navy. “The result was beautiful compositions - with life, color, and joy - creating an outdoor space that, in addition to being sophisticated, presents a fun footprint,” he says. 

The architect points out that (today), with Tidelli, it is possible to find outdoor living furniture in Brazil that has personality, refinement, design, comfort, quality, and modernity. “In the past, it was necessary to seek abroad for all that the Tidelli brand offers. With Tidelli, this was resolved," he says. With a modern design of straight lines and nautical ropes on the back, the upholstery of the Marina line - in black, lead, and graphite - gained a touch of life with multicolored pillows. On the sides, charming Luminaire lanterns - in different sizes, in Dark Gray and graphite - were placed.

One of Tidelli's great differentials, the nautical rope appears again in the wefts of the loungechairs and around the functional coffee table with bucket, both from the Marina line in navy. In the Spool benches, it appears in a harmonious duo of orange and yellow tones as well as in the Fusion Stool with wooden top, in black. The space also won an Octa side table, in orange, with some Nusa Dua garden seats, in yellow, and Pixel black and dark gray carpet.

“A legitimate space for contemplation, the environment combines comfort and well-being. Everything to do with the lifestyle of the residents, who seek a quality of life and want to feel good at home, in their own space.”
Cláudia Togni

For a couple's relaxing moments, the architect opted for two comfortable Java chaises, in orange, and Wave support tables, in black and terracotta colors. In the background, in the sober sea, the Pyramid table with marble top with Bali chairs is a real invitation to the pleasures of gastronomy - which can be shared with family and friends. The important thing is to seize the moment!


Responsible Architects: Architecture Office Cláudia Togni

Instagram: @arqclaudiatogni