VIMARE: Tidelli's new collection by Matteo Cibic

Inspired by the sensations that Brazil awakens, Tidelli's newest masterpiece appears: the VIMARE collection. Amidst the hustle and bustle of São Paulo's Design Weekend (DW!), we present the three new creations in our portfolio, works of art created by renowned Italian designer Matteo Cibic. With affection, he revealed: "This collection represents all my love for Brazil."

The pieces:

The VIMARE collection consists of a beach cabinet, a bar, and a rug. Each piece features unique patterns and textures that imitate the flow of waves, and the marble inlays add a touch of sophistication and luxury.

1) Wardrobe

Height: 2 meters
Depth: 55.5 centimeters
Width: 1.60 meters
Structure and shelves made of aluminum, braiding in cord and handles in stone.


2) Bar

Height: 94.0 centimeters
Depth: 46.5 centimeters
Width: 1.20 meters
Aluminum frame and shelves, braided with rope, tabletop and handles made of stone.

3) Rug

The rugs are woven using the handmade knitting technique developed by Tidelli specifically for this collection, creating depth in the design.
The intricate weaves represent the interaction of light and shadow on the surface of the ocean.
The rug is 100% made of rope and sold per square meter, considering multiples of 20 cm.

The inspiration:

The VIMARE collection, inspired by "Vibrazioni di Mare", is an exquisite showcase of cabinets and rugs created from the insights of Matteo Cibic's journey to the capital of Bahia. The hot sun, the shimmering reflections of the sea, and the attention to detail of Brazilian marble in the cabinets were captured in this collection.


The designer:

Matteo Cibic is a master of "luxury fun", creating sophisticated pieces with a playful twist. For the Italian designer, luxury is about color and irreverence. Matteo draws inspiration and provokes because, in his view, design should encourage people to be happy.