A Riverside Home: Nature and Outdoor Lifestyle

Located on the banks of the Benfica River, in the heart of the Amazon, this stunning house is a true paradise, a secluded retreat about an hour away from Belém. Designed by Ricardo Siqueira, the residence seeks to harmonize the built area with the lush nature of the region, providing an environment integrated with the river, where residents can always enjoy tranquility. With this goal in mind, a house that inspires an outdoor lifestyle was created.

The Benfica River is one of the main attractions of this location, playing a fundamental role in the architectural design of the house. The residence was strategically positioned on the riverbank, allowing the owners to enjoy boat rides on their days off.

The house is composed of two large blocks that connect, maintaining a certain independence. The street-facing facade is practically closed off, as if it wanted to block out the stresses of daily life. However, upon passing through the portal between the two blocks, visitors are greeted with a breathtaking view: the river framed by Ruy Ohtake's Pendulum, inviting relaxation and appreciation of life in harmony with nature. This fusion between the interior and exterior allows for abundant natural light to enter.

The residence offers a stunning view and close proximity to the waters of the river. The main pavilion, dedicated to social interaction, integrates the living room, kitchen, and veranda with glass doors. This allows the house to provide a cool comfort during the warmer months. 


The spacious living room offers a panoramic view of the river and the pool, which occupies a large portion of the veranda and extends into the water. The infinity-edge pool is a creative solution that fulfills the owners' desire for a lap pool, even with limited space. The decoration of the space defines the different areas. Lounges, seating areas, and tables punctuate the environment.

Furniture such as Alfio Lisi's Amado chaise, Sami Hayek's Veracruz armchairs, Marcelo Rosenbaum's Painho armchair, and Fetiche Design blend with the Pendulum, creating a sophisticated ambiance on the veranda.


 The presence of various tables of different sizes and shapes pays homage to Belém's remarkable cuisine, catering to the taste of the residents who love to gather friends around good food, and there's a reason for that!

The gastronomy of the region is one of its strong points, with unique flavors that reflect the skill of transforming native ingredients into delicious dishes. Chef Paulo Anijar, from the renowned Santa Chicória restaurant in Belém, has stood out in the past twelve years for offering a contemporary approach to classic regional dishes, such as maniçoba dumplings, duck rolls with tucupi jelly, pirarucu with tucupi, and filhote fish with urucum butter. Santa Chicória provides a unique culinary experience, combining simplicity and refined taste.


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