Tidelli takes the lead in projects at CasaCor Goiás 2023

Casacor is recognized as the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of architecture, interior design, and landscaping in the Americas. Annually, this event celebrates the most inspiring aspects of well-designed spaces, and Tidelli is pleased to be part of this universe.

In the 2023 edition of CasaCor Goiás, we highlighted our participation in three spaces that caught the attention of visitors, the result of a collaboration and careful work with Armazem AZ, our partner in Goiás.

Bringing sophistication, comfort, and originality to the Bar Spotta, Ambiente Refúgio, and Morada Deca spaces allowed us to showcase the quality of the materials used and the attention to detail that distinguishes Tidelli. And the result? Incredible and striking spaces.

Bar Spotta

Designed by architect Luísa Azevedo, this space is inspired by the Brazilian cerrado. Luísa related the event's central theme, "Body & Dwelling," to the bar's project: "We can think of the human body as a complex ecosystem, just like the cerrado. Our bar unites and associates exactly that. We created a cerrado bar, directly connected to our bodies," explains the architect.

With its curved shapes, earthy tones, and precise lighting, Bar Spotta provides a feeling of warmth and intimacy in its 125 m². Special attention is given to the chosen pieces, which bring sophistication, refinement, and style. The Carmel stools, created by Solana Marianelli and inspired by macramé, combine rustic and modern styles, highlighting one of the cerrado's main characteristics: its ability to reinvent itself.

Ambiente Refúgio


Designed by agronomist engineer and landscaper Shoraya Canedo, Ambiente Refúgio recreates a garden in an indoor environment, demonstrating that nature is always welcome anywhere, at any time. According to Shoraya, the interaction between human beings and nature, and the creation of diverse emotions in the minds and bodies of visitors, motivated the project. Most of the space is surrounded by a garden, simulating a cool and tranquil forest. "The birdsong, the movement of water, and the scent of herbs create a great sense of relaxation," explains Shoraya.

The concept of "urban jungle" inspired Ambiente Refúgio. The idea of bringing plants and natural elements into indoor spaces, proven to have a positive impact on mental health, is the highlight of this environment. Tidelli furniture, especially the Kauai shell and Mikonos chair, were the choices to compose the space.

The Kauai shell, designed by Luciano Mandelli, features nautical rope weaves, loose cushions, and an aluminum structure. This versatile, elegant, and sophisticated piece is among Tidelli's most beloved products, finding a place both indoors and outdoors. The Mikonos chair, launched in 2019 and inspired by Greek style, brings harmonious simplicity to any environment, combining the simple and complex in a reflection of nature.

Morada Deca

Architect Nando Nunes is responsible for the Morada Deca loft, a space inspired by Greek architecture. The loft highlights well-being and the sense of welcome in our main dwelling: the body.

To remind us that simplicity is the true path to sophistication, the architect chose a palette of light colors, creating a timeless and cozy environment. "The soft tones provide peace and harmony in this reunion of being, soul, and body," says Nando Nunes.

The furniture selection curated by Nando enhances Morada Deca with creations from top Brazilian designers. The choice of the Pucon module by Luciano Mandelli, used in the space with a stone base, expresses the warmth, comfort, and coziness our bodies feel when resting and feeling good.

Casacor: Many Years of History


CasaCor Goiás celebrated its 26th edition with success. The exhibition, composed of 21 national squares and more than 6 international ones, was open to the public in the capital of Goiás until the first week of July. For the third consecutive year, Flamboyant Shopping served as the venue for the event, which involved the participation of over 52 professionals in architecture, design, and landscaping.

This exhibition began in São Paulo in 1987 and now takes place in more than 27 locations, both national and international.

The 2023 edition is just beginning, and we still have much to follow in this event. Stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions, and soon we will bring more news about Tidelli's presence in CasaCor.