Tidelli Spaces

People use to say every house has a heart. And it is placed where people are happy! Today, things are different. We had to change habits and turn homes into multifunctional spaces.

That shifted consumption relations. Instead of focusing on clothes and footwear, we are now prioritizing furniture and decoration. Creating cozy spaces has become the main goal for consumers. Porches, balconies, and gardens are getting new looks. Outdoor places became just as essential as living rooms and kitchens for those who seek some peace and quiet moments.

Because of this new movement, we selected some of our clients' Tidelli Spaces so you can get inspired.


Whether you're living the glamour of an imposing armchair or the simplicity of a swing chair, the Painho Collection offers warmth, comfort, and so many sweet memories!

Signed by Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design, the collection's fretwork and manufactured nautical rope confirm that Tidelli is conquering the world.


Iconic! That's what comes to mind when we talk about Pêndulo, created by Ruy Ohtake.

A space with a pendulum becomes as unique as the furniture itself. Ohtake's contemporary design makes it fit in any setting, from the living room to a hotel's sophisticated lobby. Talk about versatility!  


It doesn't matter if you are alone or not. Not if you have a cozy space to enjoy. Bora Bora swings are perfect for reading a good book or a relaxing conversation with someone you love.

They create the ideal setting for a relaxing escape from everyday life, either in open spaces or indoors.  


Restoring your energies with sunbathing is a health issue.

The Club loungers are ideal for composing spaces around a pool or a garden so you can take your Vitamin D in a fun and enjoyable piece of furniture.


Anyone who thinks swings are for kids is very wrong. From traditional designs to bolder compositions, they are the definition of high decor.

In addition to giving a fun touch to the projects, they recreate childhood memories. With a cool design, a relaxed footprint, and nautical rope lining, the Kauai shell is one of those pieces that make a difference in space.



Color is a detail that makes all the difference! In this project, the Veleiro armchair got a romantic style in a light pink tone.

The piece highlights the space that mixes the contemporary with the rustic in a graceful way. The soft tones make the perfect environment for moments of relaxation.


Cohesive styles

Tidelli's collections are all very unique. But it doesn't mean they don't have a core identity. That's one of the brand's features.

This balcony design mixes harmonically and authentically three different lines. The Bora Bora table makes a beautiful composition with the Bali and Painho chairs. Neutral warm tones connect with the area, created for people who enjoy the pleasures of gastronomy.


It's a privilege to have a nice place to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. The ergonomics of the Pão de Açúcar chair makes everything more enjoyable.

This collection is signed by Manuel Bandeira, who inspired himself by one of the most famous Rio de Janeiro postcards.


A sofa has to be comfortable and beautiful. In that order! Taking a nap or reading a book is just perfect for a resting afternoon.

The Flex sofa is modern and highly customizable. Its modules, backrests, and loose arms allow you to create the perfect fit for your decoration.