Architect Priscilla Mendes recreates rooftop in residential project

A terrace with ample potential and an architect willing to fulfill a client's special request: to create a unique, uncluttered space, where he could celebrate the good things in life with friends! And so, the “Rooftop of Casa WCM” was born, signed by Priscilla Mendes.

Responsible for the interior architecture of the large lounge, the architect used the rooftops of hotels around the world, where people gather to drink, dance and catch up, as inspiration.

The space was designed considering the client's lifestyle. “The owner is very fond of parties, listening to music and receiving visitors. He asked for a space that he could identify with, that he had his way - where he could have meetings or celebrations, have a DJ or a band and, at the same time, could enjoy the moon”, explains Priscilla Mendes.

Located in the Condominium West Side Boulevard, in Natal, the beautiful residence has rustic architecture, in shades of gray, black and wood. In the composition of the environment, to harmonize with the house, the architect opted for the contemporary style - with the use of furniture in straight lines, as well as pieces with differentiated design, such as: the Painho armchair, signed by Marcelo Rosenbaum and Fetiche Design.

The large space was divided into lounges with sofas, a dining and socializing area. Integrated, they gained furniture, in shades of blue to accompany the profile of the resident and orange to give joy and life to the rooftop.

For being totally open, without any kind of cover in place, one of the Priscilla’s main concerns was a setting with extremely high-quality furniture, furniture able to withstand the weather. “I needed excellence, durability and design with a high standard. Considering all this, there was no other brand for me than Tidelli ”, she says.


The “Rooftop of Casa WCM” received modern sofas in marine color. The Fusion line - with a beautiful weave of nautical ropes at the back - and the Flex line - composed of modules, backs and loose arms, without seams on the bars - created a comfortable and inviting environment.

As a complement, they were arranged alongside gardenseats and poufs of the Marina line (in orange) and Spool benches (mixed with orange and navy), forming a color point to break the sobriety of the blue.



The dining table won Java line chairs, with black armrest, Smart sideboard and lanterns in marine nautical ropes. The fraternization space, on the other hand, received a Bora Bora table and what, according to Priscilla Mendes, are the highlights of the project - Armchair seating with a lead-colored structure and marine nautical ropes. “Painho conveys Brazilianness, it has regionality. She combines with the Northeast and communicates well with everything in the house ”, she explains. 


Tidelli products are manufactured to offer high durability when used in any environment, with up to three years of warranty. 



Architecture: Priscilla Mendes

Instagram: @arq.priscillamendes

Photos: Ubarana Junior