Nature and the City: A 360º Perspective

CASACOR Mato Grosso, held at the Cuiabá Gold Hotel from October to December, gathered a wealth of talent in architecture, landscaping, and interior design from the region.

Themed 'Body & Home', the show attracted over 20,000 visitors to explore its 33 distinct spaces, offering a window into the latest in design and decoration.

Tidelli graced this edition with a project by architects Vanessa Koehler and Eduardo Garcia. Their creation, "Rooftop Sensations", was a panoramic refuge that transcended traditional design, taking outdoor luxury to new heights.

This space, featuring a magnificent pool and an area for events, emerged as an urban oasis. It seamlessly fused architecture, art, design, and nature into a perfect harmony.

The centerpiece of Rooftop Sensations was a refined pool with the "Silver Man" sculpture floating above, illustrating how art can elevate and inspire spaces into realms of pure contemplation.

The architects opted for a palette of natural colors, echoing Brazil's vast hinterlands with earthy tones. Warm hues of terracotta and ochre elegantly merged with cool greens and sky blues, creating a harmonious balance that mirrored the diverse flora of the region. The interplay of light and shadow brought the organic textures to life, adding depth to the space.

Every aspect, from luxurious seats fostering intimate conversations and relaxation, to lamps and umbrellas creating a cozy ambiance as dusk falls, was meticulously curated.

Vanessa Koehler notes,
"We aimed to forge a space that not only offers comfort and a break from the norm but also celebrates nature in an urban setting, bringing peace amidst the bustle of modern life”.

Featured among the Tidelli selections were the Soft Chaise series around the pool, Goa Umbrellas, Amado Double Chaise, Octa Side Table Tall and Octa Side Table, Split Sofa Modulated Composition, Tulum Armchairs, and a mix of cushions and nautical rope basketry.

Architects: Vanessa Koehler (@arquitetavanessakohler) and Eduardo Garcia (@eduardogarciaazarquiteto)
Photos: Fellipe Lima (@fellipelima.fotografia)