Medellín by César Giraldo - Latina Collection 2021

Luxurious aesthetic combined with the innovative look of the colombian designer, César Giraldo, mark the well-elaborated blend of contemporary and colorful Medellín collection.

Giraldo’s dream of design an outdoor line came to life after his first visit to Brasil in 2019: “I love the Brazilianness shown on Tidelli’s Furniture! An expert brand in the use of colors made all the difference when creating the collection, whose the inspiration was the colorful Medellín”.

The colors of a “new Colombia” are celebrated in each detail of the handmade furniture by Tidelli! An explosion of design that makes reference to Giraldo’s history, trajectory and vitality of the artist and his hometown.

The Medellín collection by César transforms a city full of flowers into pieces full of colors, consisting of a sofa, lounge chair, side tables and coffee tables.

Photography: Reinaldo Giarola