Light life: a never-ending trend!

Taking life more lightly never goes out of style. But it's not been something easy to do for the last few years. Nowadays, when 24 hours do not seem to be enough to cope with the intense pace of work and all the extra activities that gather in the routine, it is a relief to live in a place with a complete leisure infrastructure.

In addition to security, some condominiums are true private clubs, where the resident can live life with more quality. Located in the stunning Praia do Forte, in Bahia, Praia Bella is a good example of this. Its lounges, contemplation corners, and leisure spaces invite you to “enjoy outdoor living”. Meet some of them.

Comfort is the key for the condominium living areas. Furniture with contemporary design and striking colors makes a beautiful composition with modern decorative pieces. The multipurpose spaces are also a very functional feature to the place. They are ideal whether for relaxing moments or for enjoying cold drinks with friends. Perfect for resting body and mind.

Lounge with Marina Chairs and Acessórios Cooler Bucket with support.

The last few years have presented swings as a highlight in decoration. Since they are such a strong trend, they could not be left out of the Praia Bella project. Whether as the high point of this lounge or not, one thing is for sure: Painho brings sweet affective memories to anyone who dares to sit in it.   

Dreamcatcher and Painho Swing, Imperial Bowl and Tidelli Sousplat.

Vitamin D: the pool area is fun and healthy too! Lying on a comfortable lounge chair and receiving solar energy feeds the body and energizes the soul.

The shades of blue and green of the Fusion Loungers, the Nusa Dua garden seats and the floating tray and cushions contrast with the large pool.

Experiencing the outdoors allows you to enjoy the best nature has to offer. The connection between body and mind brings the necessary balance to face the restless day-to-day challenges. 

Bora Bora Swing, and Tidelli planters. 

Private moments for two ask for small and comfortable lounges. They become unique places for intimate conversations.

Sugarloaf  Lounge Chair and coffee table Biarritz.

Social lounges, on the other hand, allow integration between people. Taking a break from the daily and being able to take advantage of spaces like these to relax with small groups of friends or family can make all the difference. But if stress strikes during that time, resting in a comfortable hammock and feeling the breeze recharge anyone's energy.

 Three spaces for good living: 1st one with Technicolor table , Kauai chairs, and hexagonal Ombrelone, the 2nd with Pirâmide table, Giardino chairs, Biarritz table, Boss chairs and,
at the bottom, Hermosa Hammock with support and the 3rd one with Giardino bar stools.

With an ambiance project for common areas signed by architects Tiago Martins and Caio Bandeira, Praia Bella's spaces represent much more than decoration. They are lifestyle at their best, where quality and good living are the main goals.


Photograph: Reinaldo Gairola.
Video Productions: 27zero6