Multifunctional design is a trend, and Tidelli is keen to make the experience of outdoor lovers even more enjoyable.

Pieces like Marina Center Table with a champagne bucket, Maui Multipurpose Stool, and Biarritz's tables show that nothing is cooler than combining design and practicality.

By attaching Tidelli ice buckets to tables, as we did at the Biarritz's dining table, coffee table, and side table, we got to bring more convenience and promote unforgettable meetings with the people we love the most. Not to mention that you can choose between the wooden or granite top, which gives much more versatility to your space.


Speaking of versatility, the Marina table with a champagne bucket is a model of how a single piece can bring much more charm to different moments. It is ideal for hosting in style, but it can also become a beautiful flower pot to lighten your day-to-day life.


But a cooler doesn't always have to be attached to a piece of furniture. It can be its own furniture! The Maui multipurpose bench is a bench, a cooler, a side table. It is a unique piece and can be anything you need it to be. And it can also be personalized with up to three rope colors.


To personalize your Tidelli furniture, we have created an exclusive product simulator that generates real-time images of your product the way you want it in your home. it out.