Milestone Achievement: Tidelli's 10th Consecutive Top of Mind Victory!

The award ceremony took place in São Paulo at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes.

An award that resonates throughout the market, Tidelli emerges as a market leader in the ranking of the most recognized brands when it comes to outdoor furniture. This confirmation comes from a nationwide exclusive survey performed by DATAFOLHA for CASA E MERCADO, which targeted architecture and interior design experts.  The extensive survey, conducted between October and November 2023, provides a particular insight into the tastes and choices of the sector's specifiers.

Tidelli, with 35 years of history, emerges as a pioneer in the continuously expanding world of design, where originality meets functionality, captivating the imagination of experts designing our living environments for 10 years. The preferences of the most demanding opinion leaders are revealed in this unique study.

Tidelli's current supremacy is highlighted in the DATAFOLHA poll, and the elements that contribute to this position are also clarified. The company has successfully carved out a niche in the competitive design market thanks to its devotion to quality, innovation, and sustainability. The ability of architects and interior designers to flawlessly mix current aesthetics with practicality is cited as a crucial element in this choice. While the brand has a 16% perception in the ranking of seven chosen brands, the runner-up has a 9% perception.


Trend-Defining Design

Tidelli is known for its creative collaborations with designers and architects, as well as its broad presence in both national and international markets. The company keeps ahead of design solutions and trends, setting benchmarks that influence the industry.


Sustainable Practices

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Tidelli stands out for its commitment to sustainability. The brand's social and environmental impact initiatives and the use of responsibly sourced materials resonate strongly among the surveyed architects and interior designers, reinforcing the importance of ethical practices in product choices.


Versatility in Outdoor Living

As outdoor spaces continue to gain prominence, Tidelli's commitment to creating versatile and durable outdoor furniture has positioned the brand as a forerunner in this segment. The survey shows a growing trend among specifiers prioritizing Tidelli's offerings for their outdoor projects, recognizing the brand's ability to elevate outdoor living experiences.

"As proof of Tidelli's unwavering commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and excellence in design, receiving the Top of Mind award for outdoor furniture for the 10th consecutive year is a recognition of our brand's lasting impact. This acknowledgment not only reaffirms our dedication to enhancing outdoor living experiences but also inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and sustainability in the realm of outdoor furniture design, both in the national and international market."

Tatiana Mandelli
Founding Partner of Tidelli