Garibaldi, a Unique Experience for Nature and Wine Enthusiasts

We disembarked in Garibaldi, in the Serra Gaúcha region. This cozy and charming city, just one hundred and ten kilometers from Porto Alegre, is the Brazilian Capital of Sparkling Wine and the perfect paradise for wine enthusiasts. It's the destination of this week's Outdoor Experience by Tidelli.

If there's one place that enchants during the cold months, it's Serra Gaúcha. With its mist-covered mountain landscapes, cities exuding warmth, and an atmosphere that seems to have come out of a fairy tale, this region welcomes tourists and those in love with the pleasant winter climate.


And do you think cold weather doesn't go with the outdoors? Well, we went to see firsthand to understand this lifestyle. As temperatures drop, homes gain that special and cozy charm, becoming perfect havens to enjoy good wine by the fireplace. Winter is a great time to explore local wineries and savor the delights of regional cuisine.

While today the "capital of sparkling wine" boasts labels and wineries, history tells us that it was French immigrants who brought the first white grapes to the region, laying the foundation for local production. And believe it or not, this tradition remains alive and vibrant, passed down through generations by young and visionary viticulturists. Lucas Foppa and Ricardo, the founders of Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi, are proof of that. They lead a winery that celebrates the production of over sixty thousand bottles and is the only one from Brazil present in the United States.

Ah, and about Brazilian wine? It can be an experience for all the senses, but if there's one word that defines it, it's "welcoming." As oenologist Lucas Foppa says, "Brazilian wine embraces the moments, the pairings, and the people. That's why it's on the rise, because Brazilians have understood it and are welcoming it with open arms."


A tip for those who want to stay a little longer and enjoy the region is the Casacurta Hotel. Combining wine tourism, sophistication, refinement, and a generous dose of history, this hotel was built in 1953 in the style of an authentic French castle. And guess what? It was a pioneer of wine tourism in the Vale dos Vinhedos.

The hotel features a thermal pool with a retractable roof that integrates with the surrounding nature and offers unparalleled comfort in any season of the year. Loungers, armchairs, and the Kauai swing compose the environment, but what really steals the show is the Marina champagne cooler, shining for its versatility: it cools the sparkling wine in the heat and serves as a comforting fireplace in the winter.

And the hotel's cuisine? An attraction in itself, especially the artisanal pastas made by the careful hands of Dona Pina, who has worked there since the hotel's foundation. Today, at 80 years old, her hands remain agile and tireless. The customers are grateful.


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