From Outdoor straight to your plate:  discover 3 recipes inspired by the Organika Collection

In addition to incredible pieces that make up the seven lines of the Collection, Organika also served as inspiration for amazing culinary recipes. That's right! The outdoor lifestyle has also reached your plate! And the results are mouthwatering!

The novelty was brought by the segment Tidelli in the Kitchen, hosted by chef Kaona Iannuzzi. The chosen setting for the recordings was the rooftop of Tidelli Recife.

And if you want to take advantage of the end of the year to surprise your family and friends in the kitchen, here are 3 wonderful recipes you can't miss!

1) Plantain and Jambu Farofa

Inspired by the Amazon line, composed of center and side tables themed around the native plants of the world's largest tropical forest, the recipe combines two typical ingredients like plantain and jambu.


14 oz of farinha d’água (a type of Brazilian flour)
3 plantains (or long bananas)
2.8 oz of jambu
3 cloves of garlic
5.6 oz of butter
Black pepper


1) In a hot pan, put the butter and garlic to brown
2) Add the jambu, sauté well, and then add the plantain
3) Add farinha d’água and stir well
4) Finish with salt and pepper to taste

2) Rosé Sangria

The Drop line, created by Luciano Mandelli, consists of a fluidly designed swing that resembles a large suspended water droplet.

As the central theme of the line is the
movement of water, the recipe created by chef Kaona Iannuzzi was a super refreshing drink that matches the summer: Rosé Sangria.


17 oz of rosé wine
6.8 oz of sparkling wine
Juice of a lemon
Raspberries and lemon for decoration


1) Choose a container and put in the rosé wine, sparkling wine, and lemon juice
2) Then add the raspberry, slices of lemon, and mint
3) Finish with ice and stir well

3) Soft Coconut Candy

The charming Bahian village of Caraíva inspired and named this line of Tidelli composed of armchairs, chairs, loungers, and benches.

Combining simplicity, rusticity, and that touch of sophistication, the Caraíva line also inspired this recipe that is quintessentially Bahian: Soft Coconut Candy.


14 oz of fresh grated coconut
13.5 oz of condensed milk
1.8 oz of brown sugar
3.4 oz of coconut milk
Ground cinnamon


1) With a very hot skillet, add the grated coconut
2) Let it toast and then add the condensed milk
3) Add the brown sugar, coconut milk, and mix well
4) To finish, a pinch of ground cinnamon


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