Discover how Tidelli can transform your Business!

If you are an entrepreneur looking for innovative solutions for your business, Tidelli can be your partner, adding value and profitability to your venture!

From hotels, restaurants, clubs, and offices, we offer a vast portfolio of furniture for both indoor and outdoor areas that will give a new look to your business.

Discover the advantages of having Tidelli furniture in your company:

The Ideal Product, Custom-Made:

No matter the size or shape of your space, we adapt our furniture to perfectly meet your needs. Pieces with exclusive designs, as well as foldable and stackable options, ensure the practicality and versatility you require.

Variety of Finishes and a Larger Color Palette:

Combining an industrial process with artisanal characteristics, we offer hundreds of finish options and a portfolio of over 2,000 pieces.

We manufacture our own nautical ropes and therefore boast the largest color palette on the market, allowing us to create your environment to your taste and style. We can even create a custom color for you.

Durability and Permanent Technical Assistance:

Our furniture is designed to stand the test of time. We provide parts replacement and permanent technical assistance, ensuring the longevity of your investments. Our expertise in aluminum translates into robust, resistant, and lightweight structures. The connections are welded to create a monoblock without screws or rivets. All our pieces are 100% painted using an electrostatic painting process for greater durability.

Vertical Production:

With a manufacturing plant of 16,000 m2, all the production of our furniture and inputs is carried out internally. This way, we avoid waste, optimize costs, and ensure exceptional quality.

Furniture to Last a Lifetime:

We offer the option of partial or complete refurbishment at any time, allowing you to modernize and renew your furniture as needed, keeping them always up-to-date and looking impeccable.

Exclusive Benefits for Businesses:

As true business partners, we offer exclusive benefits for companies, including reduced costs. Additionally, you have the full support of our network of partner stores, ensuring a smooth and efficient shopping experience.

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Providing the best outdoor solutions since 1989:

Tidelli has accumulated over three decades of experience, sourcing high-resistance raw materials, combining cutting-edge technology and research, setting us apart from any other brand. We are the largest Brazilian manufacturer of outdoor furniture, with over 12,000 projects implemented worldwide and TOP OF MIND in the segment.

Tidelli's DNA:

Tidelli is a family business composed of founder Tatiana Mandelli, president Luciano Mandelli, head of international operations Roberta Mandelli, and West Coast USA regional CEO Giancarlo Mandelli. The Mandelli family has experience in successfully managing restaurants and inns, and this expertise is applied to every project executed by Tidelli.


Our goal has always been to produce items with long lifespans, avoiding waste and in harmony with the outdoors we love so much. For this, we create increasingly durable and weather-resistant materials. We also maintain a maintenance and restoration sector to revitalize old products and reuse 100% of the materials. Additionally, we optimize manufacturing processes to reduce transportation costs and minimize waste.

Social Transformation:

Handcrafting is also a powerful tool for social transformation. In our factory in Moradas da Lagoa, most of the employees are local residents. We are proud to generate a positive impact on the community and provide a better future for many families. Beyond the positive impact generated through the factory, we created the Tidelli Institute.


Through the Tidelli Institute, we transform lives by offering training and encouraging entrepreneurship. We promote actions that positively impact the community, encouraging the reuse of factory waste and promoting a circular economy.