Amazônia: Lush Nature Inspires Tidelli's Line

The exuberance of the world's largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon, served as the starting point for Tatiana Mandelli to create the Amazônia line, which is part of the new Organika Collection.

Always on the move, the founder of Tidelli mentioned that she had long wished to bring forms found in the Brazilian biome into interior decor. "I really wanted to create something inspired by our native plants."

The Amazônia line has both coffee and side tables that resemble the leaves of the Bananeira, Vitória Régia, Monstera and Costela de Adão, which also lend their names to the pieces. "It's a tribute to Brazil. A way to bring a bit of our forest and nature into projects, into homes, whether through design or the variety of green shades present in our product mix," she explains.

Bringing the tables to life by replicating the plant designs in aluminum structure was a challenge for Tidelli. The brand invested in cutting-edge technology to produce furniture with round edges and finishes. "The result is an entire collection aligned with global design," says the entrepreneur, who jokes, "There are no straight angles in nature."


Modern and stylish, the Amazônia tables are perfect for enhancing the decor of living rooms and outdoor areas, such as gardens, balconies, and terraces, emphasizing the joy of outdoor living.

Always in motion, Tatiana Mandelli reveals that she's already thinking about Tidelli's next collection. "The launch being presented today already happened six months ago in my head," she says, concluding with a tip: "It's impossible to stand still because there are always new trends emerging in the market. But that's for the future! Right now is the time to enjoy Organika, which is beautiful and ready to captivate design enthusiasts."


The Amazônia line includes the center tables Bananeira (38.50" x13.50"x11.75"h), Vitória Régia (Ø26.75"12.25"h), and Monstera (27.50"x21.25"x10.75"h), as well as the side tables Monstera (S: 14.50"x9.75"x15.75"h, M: 14.50"x9.75"x19"h), and L: 14.50"x9.75"x22h) and Costela de Adão (S: 15.75"x13.75"x15.75"h, M: 15.75"x13.75"x19"h, and L: 15.75"x13.75"x22"h).