5 things that can’t be missed on your trip to Búzios!

Búzios is one of those destinations that are undoubtedly on the many people's bucket list.

This coastal gem in Rio de Janeiro is embraced by the Atlantic Ocean and boasts stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, exceptional gastronomy, and an irresistibly charming atmosphere.

The result: those who have never been there, want to go, and those who have want to return!

To explore this magical and charming place, Outdoor Experience by Tidelli was in Búzios and alongside with a beautiful beachfront project we gathered 5 MUST DOES in Búzios just for you!

A beachfront house was the star of the show! A project that, in addition to a breathtaking location right on Geribá Beach, features an impressive variety of natural elements, as explained by the architect Gimis Ribeiro: "I think that the project, you know, the whole project facing the beach, it calls for wood, stone, natural materials, green, natural colors, right? You make this integration; you can pull nature into your home, and I think that was the basis of our project."

After all, who wouldn't want to have the sea just a couple of steps away, right? But this requires some care since the wind carries salt. That's why Tidelli was chosen for the entire outdoor area. And in the renovation, the obstacle became the solution... the roof that was blocking the view became the most beloved space in the house, a rooftop full of charm.

To learn more about this fantastic project, watch the complete video of the program right now!

The adventure in Búzios didn't end there; we took advantage of the trip and selected for you 5 tips on what CANNOT be missing on your next trip to Búzios:

1) Rua das Pedras, the bustling street!


Going to Búzios and not experiencing Rua das Pedras is like going to Paris and not passing by the Eiffel Tower or being in New York and not visiting the Statue of Liberty!

Rua das Pedras is the soul of Búzios, where charm and sophistication meet. The six hundred meters of stone paving are exclusively dedicated to pedestrians, becoming a true paradise for explorers of designer shops, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants. When night falls, the stars light the way as the street comes to life: live music, parties, laughter, and plenty of good food to enjoy!

2) Brigitte, smile for the selfie!

A good stroll along Orla Bardot is also a must! It's as enjoyable as it is full of history! This charming seaside strip pays homage to the iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot, who in the 1960s landed in Búzios and, after a season there, spread the fame of the city worldwide.

In addition to panoramic views, Orla offers a picturesque scenic experience, with the highlight being the bronze statue of Brigitte Bardot, a perfect spot for taking great photos! Additionally, Orla is home to restaurants and cafes and also serves as the starting point for boat trips exploring the islands and beaches of the region.

3) Geribá Beach: the vibrant hotspot!

Indeed, Geribá Beach is the most crowded in Búzios, stretching two kilometers along the coast and being a true icon of the region. The golden sand invites you to walk barefoot along the shore, while the waves, like nature's music, dance towards you.

For adrenaline lovers, Geribá offers ideal conditions for surfing, bodyboarding, beach soccer, windsurfing, beach volleyball, wakeboarding, sailing, and seaside walks.

Along its waterfront, we find lush vacation homes, cozy inns, and many bars. It's an area that combines the mastery and simplicity of an old fishing village with the sophistication of modern architecture, providing visitors with a truly unique experience.

4) Surf's up!

Anyone in Búzios has an incredible experience of the sea! A few minutes at Geribá Beach are enough for us to understand why surfers love the place. You can choose between bigger waves at the far end right side of the beach or stay with beginner waves that will remind you of Waikiki.

Geribá Beach is a perfect place for those who
want to venture onto the surfboard! Monitored surf lessons are a great success! For adults and children, the sport is both a learning experience and fun!

And you, will you face this wave?

5) “Zé? Which Zé???

And to end our trip, nothing better than meeting Zé! Or rather... Zé's Bar!

Zé's Bar is one of the most traditional restaurants in Búzios, located on Orla Bardot. There's nothing better than delicious dishes and refreshing drinks while enjoying the coastline!

Twenty-four years ago, Zé's Bar was just a small bar. Nowadays, it is one of the best restaurants in Búzios. And if you're unsure what to order, here are some suggestions from Zé: the coconut with whiskey is the perfect drink to watch the sunset in the late afternoon. The sea bass filet with herb crust, accompanied by brie risotto and asparagus, is one of the most requested!